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Engage With Us

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Thank you for your interest in the Medicinal Chemistry Collaborative.  We would love to meet you.  Here are some ways to make that happen.

Invite one of our scientists to participate in your seminar, panel, workshop or event

The scientists at the Medicinal Chemistry Collaborative are available to speak at a range of events, from scientific seminars to informal meetings, clubs, and gatherings of non-scientists.  If you are hosting and think one of us might be an appropriate participant or presenter, please contact us.

Become an undergraduate or graduate student researcher

Scientists with the Medicinal Chemistry Collaborative have vibrant research groups that include many graduate and undergraduate researchers.  If you are interested in research opportunities with us, please reach out directly to one of our scientists, or contact Matt Bryant to learn more.

Participate in one of our public events

Events hosted by the Medicinal Chemistry Collaborative are advertised on the Chemistry Department social media and on our Events page.  Please like or follow us on social media to keep up to date!