The collaborative research environment of the Medicinal Chemistry Collaborative affords outstanding opportunities for student training.  Students participate in multi-disciplinary research teams, and get hands on experience working with sophisticated analytical equipment, including mass spectrometers and NMRs.  Our teams include trainees of all levels, undergraduates, masters students, PhD students, and postdocs. We have a particularly strong group of six National Institutes of Health funded predoctoral fellows, who are supported both by both institutional (T32) and individual (F31) Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (NRSA).  These nationally competitive awards support the tuition and stipends for each student throughout their graduate career, allowing them to devote their time fully to research.

Students trained by our Center Scientists highlight the quality of mentorship they receive.  For example, Dr. Hiyas Junio, a 2011 graduate who is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Philippines Diliman, says:

“I think what I liked best about the PhD program at UNCG was the opportunity that I had to work with my mentors… Their generosity, support, and encouragement made me more determined not to be a disappointing student. The mentoring that I experienced at UNCG is the same type of mentoring that I am trying to practice with my students. I hope I become as bold and as aggressive as my mentors in matters concerning research, but as careful and considerate in matters concerning people.”